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The Story

That's How I Was Born ?

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We all know this century is the era of smart devices, these devices are involved in every part of our life. Our tiny house was filled with these devices finding their space in each corner. Many of those were either loosing their shine or broke with fall.    I was born with the the small idea to give proper care & style to these devices and keep them safe & trendy.

Image by Alex Block

The Name

Why Be Pagla ?

We used to cover our notebooks in childhood with different shades and that's what used to give us happiness while opening those. Owning these accessories show your true self and allow you to explore your crazy thoughts and ideas.

It's always fun to feel & follow your madness.

Hence the name.

The Vision

Our Vision is simple.

To make the life easy by offering smart accessories for smart products. That's it.

We promise to make your life beautiful with our crazy range of products and offer you the quality like no other.

White Accessories

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